Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to be the most creative co-working space. With a community-based approach, we empower Creatives by providing a nurturing space to kickstart, expand, and explore their ventures.

Welcome to Studio Five Spaces, your go-to Photography and Videography studio born in Singapore under Studio Five Media Group in 2023. We’re here to offer media companies and freelancers a dynamic space tailored to their every need.

Let's Join Studio Five Spaces

Join us and witness the fusion of innovation and collaboration at Studio Five Spaces. 

Our Core Values




Power to Believe

Spirit of Adventure

You can rent a studio for as low as $388 per month

Explore our budget-friendly rental options, beginning at just $388, for access to our versatile studio space. We assure satisfaction with top-notch layouts and equipment, providing you both affordability and quality.